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While you are looking to find the reason for Beth’s depression, Jo realizes that Laurie has actually dropped crazy

While you are looking to find the reason for Beth’s depression, Jo realizes that Laurie has actually dropped crazy

Patch Summary [ ]

Three years following the occurrences regarding Little Female, Meg and you will John marry and understand how to alive together. If they have twins, Meg are a dedicated mother however, John begins to getting ignored and you will omitted. Meg seeks guidance out-of Marmee, just who facilitate her look for equilibrium inside her marriage through longer to possess wifely duties and you may guaranteeing John being even more involved in child rearing.

Laurie students out-of university, that have make the energy to accomplish well within his last year having Jo’s compelling. Amy is selected over Jo to go on an effective Western european journey together with her sibling. Beth’s health is weakened due to challenge away from bright red fever and their morale are off. To start with she thinks it is having Beth, but in the near future senses it’s that have herself. Jo confides in Marmee, informing her you to definitely she enjoys Laurie like a brother which she cannot like him inside an enchanting method.

Jo decides she wants a little bit of thrill in order to set point ranging from herself and you can Laurie, in hopes he’s going to ignore their thoughts. She uses half a year with a friend from their particular mommy exactly who runs an excellent boarding home when you look at the Nyc, helping given that governess to have their own a few people. Jo takes German sessions having a separate boarder, Professor Bhaer. He’s got visited The usa off Berlin to look after the orphaned sons out-of their aunt. For extra money, Jo produces salacious romance tales anonymously having sensational click. Professor Bhaer suspects their unique miracle and mentions like composing is unprincipled and base. Jo is certain to stop that sort of composing just like the their unique amount of time in Ny concludes. When she productivity vaimo kolumbia to help you Massachusetts, Laurie proposes marriage and she refuses.

Laurie journey to Europe together with grandfather to flee his heartbreak. Home, Beth’s fitness features certainly deteriorated. Jo devotes her time for you to brand new care of their perishing aunt. Laurie experiences Amy inside European countries, and he much slower drops in love with their as he starts to see their own into the a separate white. She’s unimpressed because of the aimless, idle, and you may forlorn ideas he has followed while the are refused from the Jo, and motivates him locate their mission and you can take action worthwhile together with his existence. For the information out-of Beth’s passing, they fulfill for comfort in addition to their love develops. Amy’s cousin cannot allow Amy to return unchaperoned which have Laurie with his parent, so they marry ahead of coming back family of European countries.

Teacher Bhaer is in Massachusetts to your providers and you will visits the Marches’ every single day for a fortnight. To the his history time, he offers to Jo in addition to a couple be engaged. Because Professor is actually bad, the wedding need waiting while he set an excellent money by going out west to educate. A year goes on without a lot of triumph; after Sibling March becomes deceased and you will makes their particular large estate Plumfield to help you Jo. Jo and Bhaer marry and turn our house on the a school to possess boys. He’s a couple sons of their own, and you can Amy and you can Laurie has a good daughter. On apple-selecting day, Marmee remembers their particular 60th birthday celebration on Plumfield, together with her husband, their own three enduring daughters, its husbands, and her four grandchildren.

Response [ ]

Good Wives ancestor, Nothing Female received an overwhelmingly self-confident reception. Following its guide, of a lot girls blogged to help you Alcott asking her «just who the small women marry». Which have added salesmanship away from their particular writer, Alcott made a decision to published a follow up. Although not, centered on literary critic Anne Elizabeth. Boyd, she «eg battled the typical marriage patch». Alcott didn’t have Jo take on Laurie’s turn in marriage; as an alternative, whenever she setup for Jo in order to get married, she depicted a non-traditional people due to the fact their particular husband. Literary critic Sicherman says that Alcott utilized Friedrich Bhaer so you can «subvert teenage romantic ideals», when he is much old and you may seemingly unsuited having Jo. In spite of the uncommon alternatives in Jo’s partner, A good Wives reached similar victory to help you Nothing Feminine.

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